Medial Collateral Ligament Strain (Knee pain) and Morton’s Neuroma (severe foot pain)

Knee: I had injured my right knee on the stairs six months before laser therapy. My knee was catching and very loose. While awaiting MRI and surgical consult, I discovered Dr. Bennett and Tri City Chiropractic. After several treatments the pain was practically eliminated and the ligaments relaxed enough for full range of motion to return.

Foot: Because of my knee problems I had been putting excessive pressure on my left foot and developed a Morten’s Neuroma. The pain in the foot was unbearable at times. I had even resorted to a cane periodically to provide more stability. After laser therapy my foot is almost pain free – only giving me slight discomfort when I have been on my feet for an excessive amount in the day. I am very happy with the results of my treatment. My main goal was to avoid surgery and that was accomplished with laser therapy.

V.S. Age 52

Shoulder and Arm pain

As with all new treatments I was sceptical as to laser therapy benefits but what else is there when one has tried physio multiple times and has had some limited success. At one point my arm and shoulder was so bad that I sold my car which was standard and bought an automatic which I hated. Coming for light therapy had been a very good experience, the staff is friendly and easy to be with but the benefit to my shoulder is so surprising that I am continually moving, stretching my arm just to prove to myself that I am not imagining what I am feeling and doing. Moving without pain! That is something to be happy about.

A.B. Age 58

Shoulder and Elbow pain

I have been suffering from severe arthritis on my right shoulder and elbow. My range of motion was drastically affected. With limited range of motion, even simple actions such as putting food in the mouth became very difficult. The pain also affected my sleep as I could not lie on my right side. After a series of low laser therapy at Tri-City Chiropractic Inc., my shoulder and elbow saw great improvement. My range of motion improved significantly and life is easier and pain free. I would like to thank Dr. Bennett and her staff for their great help.

M. Sani Age 73

Cold Sore

I have suffered from periodic cold sores on my lips since I was a child – usually when I am under stress or when my lips dry out and crack in the winter months. When an outbreak starts, it is often a tingling with a small bump appearing over the course of a day, but over the course of a week the infection would progress to a larger lump which would typically break and then scab over, with it periodically breaking and bleeding again because I’d forget and bump it or when I ate, drank or smiled. The whole progression of the outbreak would usually last up to 3 weeks. I have also purchased over-the-counter cold sore remedies and prescription creams at various times, but the length of the outbreak still seemed to exceed two weeks.

I had heard that cold medical laser therapy could rapidly deal with an outbreak and so when I felt an outbreak coming on, I went to Laser Light Therapy clinic and was treated by Dr. Bennett. I went 2 days in succession for 30 minute laser treatments. On the fourth day I had my 3rd and final 30 minute treatment. The outbreak was finished and my lip felt and looked as good as new. I was very pleased to avoid what is usually a messy an miserable 3 weeks of dealing with a cold sore. Thanks!


Neck Pain

In 1996 I was hurt in a motorcycle accident, going left shoulder first into the pavement at 60 km/hr. Since this time I have had ongoing neck and shoulder pain, with the top of my left shoulder going numb. Doctors told me that there was nothing that could be done and that I would have to live with the pain the rest of my life. While having laser treatment for my back, I mentioned this to Dr.Bennett, after 2 sessions of laser treatment the pain and numbness disappeared!

We did total of 5 sessions and months later the pain and numbness has never returned; I want to thank Dr.Bennett and her staff, for the fantastic service they have provided and would sincerely recommend laser treatment for anyone with pain.

Stephen M Age 46

Frozen Shoulder / Tendonitis

My name is Andrea Labe and I was referred to Dr. Bennett by a friend in my bridge club who was aware of my shoulder problems. Approximately a year ago that I had a problem with my left shoulder. Raising my arm was very painful, dressing and doing shoelaces were an obstacle. However, the most painful was trying to do up my seatbelt in the car. The diagnosis from my family doctor was that I had tendonitis and he recommended physiotherapy. Over some months it became evident that along with the tendonitis I had frozen shoulder and osteoarthritis.

I did not find physiotherapy helpful. I tried acupuncture. Again unsuccessful and, on occasion painful. It was then that I was referred to Dr. Bennett who had recently acquired cold laser therapy equipment and had been proven successful in a variety of injuries, including burns and scars. I began a series of treatments on my shoulder and neck which I found to be relaxing, and non-invasive. Ultimately I regained almost completely, mobility in my left shoulder. I would highly recommend the use of cold laser therapy, and be returning for follow up treatments at some time in the future.

Andrea Labe Age 69

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