Our Clinic

Mission Statement

  • Elimination of pain
  • Reduce the need for pharmaceutical medications
  • Restore Normal range of motion
  • Improve Quality of life

It has been our goal as a clinic to help our patients find their way to a better quality of life with less pain. Laser Light Therapy is a well-researched, medically licensed treatment that can alleviate pain, restore normal range of motion and stimulate the repair of damaged tissues without any harmful side effects.
It is exciting to see the results that we obtain with the use of laser light therapy. Patients report that they are able to reduce their dependence on pain medication, return to a more active lifestyle and that leads to a better quality of life.

“After years suffering with the pain of chronic arthritis, being able to avoid having a knee replacement surgery and to resume a healthy active lifestyle have been wonderful benefits to having laser light therapy. My own positive results with laser inspired me to change the direction of my chiropractic practice to focus solely on bringing this technology to my patients so they too could experience the benefits. With an 85% success rate of this therapy, most patients that have been suffering with chronic pain are finding relief. To offer this therapy to those suffering and see them regain their quality of life is very exciting. To be able to reduce or eliminate pain without the harmful, toxic effects of many pharmaceuticals is a benefit that all our patients appreciate.”

Dr. P Bennett

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