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During your inital consult at our clinic, we will gather information from you about your current health condition(s) and health history. It is important that we learn about how your condition is affected by your lifestyle and the details of other treatments/interventions you may have tried, and the success (or lack of) with those interventions. During this consultation Dr. Bennett will gain a better understanding of your area of complaint. A biomechanical and orthopedic assessment will be performed in order to assess the area of complaint and create a working diagnosis. If you have had any previous testing such as an X-Ray, U/S, MRI or lab tests that may help us evaluate the extent of your injury or condition, please bring them along to this initial consult.

Once a diagnosis has been reached, Dr. Bennett will explain the mechanism of injury, what types of treatment options are available, the frequency and duration of your treatment plan and the expectations of the treatment outcomes. The rest of your visit will include the necessary therapy for the day. Dr. Bennett strives to ensure each patient has a clear understanding of their injury so that they are able to be an active participant in their treatment plan.

So to summarize, Dr. Bennett will get a detailed picture of your complaint, explain to you what’s going on and then we will work on getting you better!

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